Fashion changes all the time, men’s grooming is no different.

If you haven’t updated your look for five years or more, it’s time for an update. Staying fresh in fashion keeps an air of youthfulness about someone. It’s a nonverbal queue that you haven’t shut down from life and have an interest in life and even others around you. Nonverbal’s account for more than 80% of what people think of you. Your image speaks volumes from showering to clean clothing, even if you don’t realise it.

Sure, the hipster thing was in over five years ago now, but that is so five years ago, as in dead. The new kids on the block, think Noah Gray-Cabey, the picture above, Tom Holland, or Denzel Whitaker, they are all clean shaven. The attention around the face that is given to their hair is significant. I won’t expand on hairstyles too much here, although I will add that the hair looks full and well-styled to suit the face.

What if you really don’t suit the no beard look or are balding? The 3 day growth look can still pull it off or you can experiment a little. Any kind of facial hair should look groomed and looked after, not like you lost your grandmother’s favourite canary in there, well you might find it one day, right?

Grooming is going up a whole new level for 2022 and to stay current doesn’t cost much more than a shave or a pair of beard trimming scissors.

If you would like to take things a step further, give yourself an afternoon of pampering, either an at home or salon facial, along with a couple of products to look after your neck area or that 3 day growth , will have you feeling like a new man time in no time.

Enjoy your times of self care and give yourself that time to unwind.