Let’s Talk Colour

Colour is amazing, we see it all around us from nature to films and art. The use of colour, as well as neutrals, is one of the first things anybody uses when creating something. Which colour palette will work for what I want to achieve? The colour palette should be a “go-to” for the first few basic steps to any given project.

In fashion, the rules are simple, use 1 or 2 colours with a neutral but do not add a third. Adding a third colour does start to move into looking amateurish, giving the air of not just unexperienced but also that of the ridiculous. The outcome of not knowing fashion rules, and sadly, the snobbery that can go with that will have a negative effect. Of course, do not take my word for it, feel free to do a controlled experiment of your own and record and gauge the results.

Pro tip; before you break the rules you need to know the rules. Once the rules are conquered measuring success after that becomes experimental in what works next.

Using Colour

The application of colour, such as in film or tv, can be used in tonal groups, for example a black and white film or a tv series exploring a vintage look in the 1970’s, using amber tones as its base colours.

The use of colour can also place a piece in history, think the oranges, yellow, avocado, and browns used in the 1970s or the colour palette of the Apple TV show Hello Tomorrow! (worth a look at by the way). Colour can set a mood or time period, pastels used in a kitchen in the 1950s would show a time of history the more appliances that match, such as the toaster, kettle, and a selection of collectible kitchen canisters would make a visual statement of the wealth of that home.

Coming back to fashion, colour can be used simply or as a statement, depending on the occasion or if it is for your work wardrobe. Thanks to the internet there is a lot of solid advice available, simple is always the best way to start and then explore a little from there.

A couple of good articles I found for tips are;

4 Tips to add more colour to your wardrobe and also How to add more colour to your wardrobe, an article about baby steps with colour by someone who normally wears neutrals. I’ll also add here that there is a trend moving away from too much denim, apart from cool vintage styled denim, most people are wearing styled pants.

Help Picking Colour

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Finding inspiration for colour in fashion can be as extensive as the colours of nature, a sunset or autumn leaves, fashion classics like red or vintage. To delve even deeper into colour, there is a colour matching system called Colour Me Beautiful or seasonal colour charts that can give a bit of inspiration, not all of it has to be taken as gospel. The basic ideas of colour work for men and women. A bit of trial and error with experimenting with looks before you leave your home would give anyone a bit more confidence in changing up their look over the next year.