Layering Jewellery

Layering or stacking jewellery is a fun trend that will be around for a while, whether stacking rings or earrings it can be fun for parties or a statement for an event that is a cut above the rest. This accessory trick is not an afterthought. With a little bit of planning, make this trend work for you.


Putting a collection of bangles together would be the easiest of the options, a no-brainer really. The only major rule here would be not wearing the bangles with a watch. Stacking bangles with a watch or a smart watch, would scream novice, I have no idea what I’m doing with fashion, I thought I would put everything on the one arm and hope for the best.

A set of bangles are the most classic choice moving from one event to another with ease. The choice is also easier, as long as they look good together as a set, they should be easy to wear and look good.


Layering necklaces is a bit trickier and require a little bit more time to coordinate. They need to be different lengths, not bunched together so it looks like a mess on your neck. The necklaces would not be as conservative as the bangles, they would look good for work, depending on the length, parties or casual wear.


Staking earrings is moving into the free spirit, fun accessory. Great for occasions like a party or an everyday statement the way forward with this look is not to look like pirates but using a hoop closer to the face with a smaller earring further along the lobe. From something glittery to classic gold and adding some colour, the key is to mix it up. Making a statement here, after all.


Rings can be stacked or spread out over the hand, including the thumb. This style is geared more to personal styling from grungy to colour. It’s not a style that would suit a conservative occasion, it does look great going from day to party to the beach. This look is about individualism and a bold statement.

Putting this look together

The three keys here are the event, individual taste and taking the time to get it right. Put in the effort to pull off this trend.