Layering Jewellery Layering or stacking jewellery is a fun trend that will be around for a while, whether stacking rings or earrings it can be fun for parties or a statement for an event that is a cut above the rest. This accessory trick is not an afterthought. With a little bit of planning, make… Read More Accessories


Let’s Talk Colour Colour is amazing, we see it all around us from nature to films and art. The use of colour, as well as neutrals, is one of the first things anybody uses when creating something. Which colour palette will work for what I want to achieve? The colour palette should be a “go-to”… Read More Colours


This is part one of a foundation series. As any newsreader, actor or model will tell you, you can’t put just anything in the body and expect to look good on camera. Likewise, a crew member or makeup artist won’t have any energy without good nutrition.  In this series Nourish,  we will explore what can… Read More Nourish

The Glamorous

I have written and rewrote this article at least 4-5 times, including that I ended up live tweeting from Peppers Waymouth Adelaide Hotel (in Australia the requirement is to isolate when positive with COVID), so the government kindly whisked me away and put me on the ninth floor, even though I hate heights, thank you.(I’m… Read More The Glamorous